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Collective Counsel Membership - Summer Special!
Need Quick, Low-Cost Legal Advice?

New clients are raving about accessing quick and laser-focused legal advice through our new Small Business Advisor plan for only $69/month. This plan provides you with unlimited, 30 minute consultations on unique matters with an attorney.

Our Summer Special only lasts until September 22, 2018. Rates will be increasing after that.

We have a few goals with this program:

1. Lower the Barriers to Proactive Legal Advice.

The Most Valuable Legal Advice is Not Sold by the Hour.

I’ve had 20 minute conversations with business owners that have helped them avoid tens of thousands of dollars in potential liability. Unfortunately, busy entrepreneurs don’t always want to have that conversation because of the uncertainty of the cost.

Our flat monthly fee allows us to help you determine which issues are important, and which issues you don’t have to worry about, all without guessing about your monthly bill.

2. We Want to Encourage You to Call About the Small Things.

Big legal problems usually stem out of small mistakes. That’s because the big issues are easy to see coming; it’s what you don’t see that’s expensive to fix.

Let us provide you guidance before you make a decision, and offer the peace of mind that comes when you’re not second guessing your choices.

Said another way: It's much easier for us to adjust the fan than it is to clean up the you-know-what.

3. Allow us to Prioritize You.

Have you ever called your lawyer out of the blue, only to feel like you were a distraction from their current projects?

We make it easy to schedule time on our calendar when you "just have a quick question."

Even when we haven’t heard from you in a bit, you're a priority, not a distraction from paying work, and we can offer much more than "just the free advice."

All the Benefits

  • Unlimited 30 Minute Phone Calls (includes minor contract reviews)
  • 25% discount off of our current rates for larger projects
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Templates of Basic Contracts
  • Access to our Team 100 Referral Network
  • Free Notary Services by Appointment
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Rates will be increasing after September 22, so lock in your rate now!
Contact Information
phone: (504) 300-9938
Offer Valid: August 1, 2018September 22, 2018
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