Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. Becomes Courant

November 14, 2021
New Orleans, LA, September 15, 2021 – Founded in 1997, Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. is now Courant. While the company’s name and brand identity have changed, Courant is still an award-winning information technology company, providing the same solutions for all of its clients.
The rebrand has been a long time coming. Founder and CEO, Darrin Piotrowski, knew that his former brand no longer conveyed his business. Although the company started as a home computer repair service, it soon grew. Courant’s clients are exclusively businesses, such as law and accounting firms, engineers and architects, maritime, and many other vital segments of industry.
The name, Courant, is French for “current.” The implication is that Courant will keep your technology current. The name is also a nod to the Mississippi River and its current, a vital aspect of our region and its economy. Its tagline is “Keep IT Current.”
Piotrowski explains that his focus is on his clients and their businesses. He jokes that “we are a customer service company that specializes in technology.” That focus has paid off considering the longevity of his relationships with his clients.
Further proof its strength is the fact that Courant continues to grow. It has added two technicians in the past year alone. Courant customers are assured of top-notch service provided by local specialists. Courant’s office is centrally located in the Tulane Avenue bio-district. And while a lot of work can be done remotely, this centralized location means that Courant can respond quickly in person as needed.
Courant offers a full suite of technology, cybersecurity, and communication solutions for businesses in the Greater New Orleans area. To schedule a consultation please contact Darrin Piotrowski at or call (504) 454-6373.